Position Name Email
President Christine Richardson president@allenptsa.org
VP Aide to President Nichollette Mitchell vp@allenptsa.org
VP Membership Holly Saunders membership@allenptsa.org
VP Programs Donna Cekinovich programs@allenptsa.org
VP Ways & Means Lisa Sherwinski wayandmeans@allenptsa.org
Secretary Monica Haley secretary@allenptsa.org
Treasurer Jenell Rud treasurer@allenptsa.org
Parlimentarian Lisa Werst parlimentarian@allenptsa.org
Arts in Education Anna Squire arts@allenptsa.org
Be the One/Citizenship Mary Summers citizenship@allenptsa.org
Communications/Publicity Sandra Turner communications@allenptsa.org
Council Rep Katie Wheeler councilrep@allenptsa.org
Allen Eagle Run Shelly Martinez eaglerun@allenptsa.org
Legislative Susan Thompson legislative@allenptsa.org
Scholarship Shelley Stelmach scholarship@allenptsa.org
LFC/STEAM Hospitality Kathi Bingham staffappreciationLFC@allenptsa.org
AHS Hospitality Erinn Travis staffappreciation@allenptsa.org
Volunteer Coordinator Cara Schroeder volunteers@allenptsa.org
Webmaster Dana  Myers webmaster@allenptsa.org
Shopping Partners Kim Oake shoppingpartners@allenptsa.org

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